Season 6

Episode 4 S6 "Caught on a Blizzard"

Ski-Doods get more than they bargained for.

Episode 2 S6 "Rockin' the RD"

Ski-Doods finally ride their oldest sled.

Episode 3 S6 "Vintage Paradise"

Ski-Doods attend an "Epic" Vintage Show!!!

Episode 3 S7 "Vintage Wonderland"

Skidoods are out to another Vintage Show!!!!

Episode 4 S7 "Just 5 Degrees Colder"

Skidoods end Season 7 in a sticky situation!!!!

Season 7

Episode 5 S6 "Up, Over and Out"

Ski-Doods close out Season 6 with one final ride!!!!

Episode 1 S6 "The Powder is Fresh"

Ski-Doods kick off Season 6 with some powder and sawdust!!!

Episode 1 S7 "Rollin' Big Al"

Skidoods kick off Season 7 with an incident!!!!

Episode 2 S7 "La Nina is Back"

Skidoods are out on top of the powder!!!!