Episode 4 S3 "Return To the Summit"
Ski-doods are having a few problems on their way back to the top.
Not the best ride or the best episode for that matter.

Episode 1 S3  "Happy Trails"
Ski-doods are off to a Great start with fresh powder and a new wardrobe!!!

Episode 2 S5 "69 Alpine"

Ski-Doods breath life into another Cool Sled !!!

Episode 3 S3 "To the Summit"
Ski-doods make their dreams of reaching the top a reality!!!!

Episode 5 S3 "New Playground"
Ski-doods inadvertently discover another place to frolic!!!!!
The day is beautiful and the snow is fantastic!!!!!!

Episode 7 S3 "New Playground 2"
Ski-doods make another run for the "top" of the "New Playground"!!!

Episode 3 S5 "Wild Wacky and Cool"

Ski-Doods get a rare visit from some new friends, try to find a fit for a bag and check out some extended sleds.

Season 4

Episode 2 S3 "The Fix Is In" 

Ya gotta work on 'em sometime!!!

Episode 3 S4 "Super Al, Big Al and Val"

Ski-Doods shoot through the powder with 2 tracks and 1 ski !!!!!

Season 3

Episode 1 S4 "Tow Backs are a Pain"

Ski-doods are kicking off Season 4 with a thud!!!!! Bad snow, Bad engine, Bad......... They still manage to have an ok time.

Episode 8 S3 "Let's Go To the Show"
Ski-doods are in Montana for a Great Vintage Show!!!!

Episode 2 S4 "Finally We Ride"

Ski-doods get some real snow and go go go!!!!!!!

Episode 6 S3 "It's the Mixture"
Ski-doods compile a random mixture of videos that just didn't fit into any other episodes.

Episode 4 S5 "Return to Playground 2"

Ski-Doods end Season 5 making a last ditch effort to conquer the elusive Playground 2!!!

Season 5

Episode 1 S5 "Back To the Top"

Thrills and spills can't stop Ski-Doods from taking the high ground once again. Welcome to Season 5 !!!!!